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The life & times of a Rally Driver

Derek Webb evening

Meeting on 15/11/2010

Derek Webb Rally Night - 15th October

Come along and join us for the interesting talk by Derek Webb on his life and times as a Rally Driver.

It all began in 1967 Derek Webb started rallying at club level using various cars including & competing on 12 WRC rounds as a co-driver. Derek has now gone back to his roots and competes in a Mk1 Ford RS 2000 pictured below on the 2010 Monteberg Rally Sprint.

Cars Derek has owned or competed in:

Mini Cooper, Ford 105E, Austin Healey Sprite, Mini Cooper S, Ford Mexico, Ford Mk 2 (Ex Ari Vatenan car), Toyota Corolla, Toyota, Starlet Special, Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Cosworth (Ex Colin Mcrae Recce Car), Ford Focus (Ex GSE Ford Developement Car), Ford Mexico Mk 1. In 2009 we were using a Historic  1976 Porsche 911 Carrera 3 used for Special Stage events in the Uk & Belguim & a 1972 Mini used for club events, with Archie Pelling in the Hot Seat.



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