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Jaguar 75th Anniversary

Drive it day

Event on 05/09/2010

Jaguar Drive it Day - 05th September

For the 75th anniversary of the Jaguar Brand (excluding the SS days) the JEC are asking all Jaguar and Daimler drivers, club member or not, to get out onto the road and join in with the regions planned activities.

The East Sussex region has decided upon an initial meet up at the Boship Farm Hotel at 11.00am on the morning of the 5th September followed by a leisurely drive through the counties countryside ending up at the Sovereign Harbor in Eastbourne.

The Harbor has been chosen due to the extensive number of restaurants, shops, walks and parking. Members wishing to carry on from this point may wish to include fellow members in their journey, the point being that as members and Jaguar drivers we celebrate the History and Ownership of our Jaguars and Daimlers on this historic day.

If you have any further ideas that you feel would add to the days enjoyment, please forward your suggestions to fellow club or committee members.



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