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Peking - Paris Rally

The Greatest Motoring Adventure

Meeting on 18/04/2011

My talk with over 100 photographs on power point will cover experiences on this epic adventure journey covering 10000 miles in 42 days. The 1997 event, held to comemerate the 90th Anniversary of the 1st Peking to Paris Motor Challenge in 1907, was,and still is, considered the most arduous Rally ever organised for classic/vintage cars. The GEOGRAPHHIC and CLIMATIC challenges were immense - 3 major deserts - over 17000 feet ( 5000 metres) in the Himalayas - Over 20 river crossings with no bridges - temperature range from +40C to -10C ( average for trip 29C). The MOTORING and MECHANICAL demands were equally daunting - 700 mile refuel range - only 70 Octane petrol in Tibet - 50% loss of power above 10000 feet - electrics waterproofed to 3 feet fro rivers - extra cooling and sand air intake protection for deserts - very good ground clearance - heavy duty springs+ extra S/A's. The CREWS requirements - fitness( 12 hours per day on the road)- very hot- minimum rest/sleep for 6 weeks - high altitude sickness - unreliable food /drink - vaccination for everything immaginable - resourceful - versatile - adaptable - good friends . Good PLANNING and MANAGEMENT vital.   Hope to see you at the BOSHIP on Monday 18th April.  



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