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Posted on:29/09/2011

It is now over a year since I took up the role of Chairman of the East Sussex Region of the JEC, a year which has gone very quickly and been most enjoyable.  Therefore it was a great pleasure to report that at the AGM held on Monday 17th October.


The event was in general as one would expect with the usual formalities, discussions and decisions and for those that missed the occasion, I am pleased to report that all of your Committee volunteered to stand for another year and were duly elected.  However, we would still very much like to encourage at least one more person to join us, so if you feel able please do let us know.


In addition to the normal business we did make one major decision, which was to change our regular meeting venue to The Inn on the Park, Deanland.  This matter was discussed at length by the committee and the benefits subsequently presented to and discussed with the members who attended the AGM.  The only concern raised was the condition of the road in adverse weather, the consensus of opinion was that should conditions be so bad it is unlikely the meeting would go ahead whatever the venue.  (Since the meeting I have learnt that the access road from the A22 is a bus route which is frequently gritted during periods of low temperature).  A vote was taken and the proposal was accepted by all bar one abstention and no objections, we believe it will prove to be of benefit to our members and hope you enjoy the new venue.  The evening was supported by a talk from Tom Clarke of Meguiars who also donated very generous raffle prizes and sample packs for all those present.


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