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Shine, Enlighten & Dine


Posted on:17/06/2013

Don’t forget that Monday, the 17th is the “Shine, Enlighten and Dine” evening at the Inn on The Park. This replaces the “Bonnets up” event of previous years, although anecdotally known as the “Brolleys Up” event as it usually seems to rain. However, I have just checked the forecast and it is looking favorable at the moment.


If you are not sure what the event is all about – here is a simple explanation


Shine = Clean the car (optional)


Enlighten = Provide some information about the car, such as its history, any unusual features or occurrences through its life, photographs or anything else you would like to tell us which may be of interest. You can provide volumes of information or just an A4 sheet.


Dine = Come into the Inn and have a bite to eat or a drink or just a chat.


We will be gathering from 19:00 so we do hope to see you there.


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