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Paul Chipp-Smith's Sponsored Drive

Eastbourne to Venice Charity Drive...

Posted on:14/12/2013

One of our most supportive Members is runnning the following event. Please think of ways we may be able to assist him in their quest. They do so much behind the scenes to make your club the great club it is.




Paul Chipp-Smith will be driving through 8 countries in 5 days for St Wilfrid's Hospice (Eastbourne) Ltd in September 2014. Accompanied by Jajuar Monthly Magazine staff. Interviewing and filming on route.

 St Wilfrid's Hospice is a local charity providing skilled and compassionate care and treatment for all patients and their families with complex needs as they near the end of life. St Wilfrid’s Hospice serves a population of around 230,000 living in Eastbourne, Polegate, do we aim on doing this. We have decided to travel through 8 countries in 5 days in a JAGtechnic prepared Jaguar. We will be leaving England on Saturday 6th September 2014 and will travel over the five days through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and finally Italy where our journey ends in Venice.

Firstly we need to find a suitable car not only to carry out the event in but also to be raffled off after the event to raise addition funds for our cause.

We will be approaching many different companies nationally and in Eastbourne for sponsorship of the vehicles preparation and to cover expenses along the journey. Depending on the level of contribution from each sponsor, the sponsors company logo will be applied to the vehicle.

We are currently looking for sponsors to provide the following items:

Graphic Design - To provide a smart design maximising the sponsorship area on the vehicles exterior panels.

Vehicle Sign Writing/Rapping - To provide all vinyl artwork to the vehicle

Vehicle Parts Supplies - To assist in the cost of preparing the vehicle for the trip and to add value to the vehicle to maximise its end value and raffle fund sales ability.

Fuel - We will need to initially fuel the vehicle for the trip and refuel throughout the trip whilst on the continent.

Channel Crossing - We will need to get the vehicle to and from France via Dover by either boat or tunnel.

Printing - To raise awareness of the task we will require posters, forms, raffle tickets and any publicity materials that we may require.

If your company would simply like to sponsor us in return for a company logo placement on the vehicle please contact us.


Please contact us on 01323 508858 or email: charity@jagtechnic to pledge your sponsorship. 






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